Domestic Short Hair


Male tabby and white

Sox was surrendered after her owner was admitted to hospital. He had numberous cats and his family asked Cafo to rehome 6 of them. 

They are currently with our fosterer being monitored.

We dont know exactly how old she is but we think she’s 9 months.

Sox is very timid and we can’t get near her yet, she doesn hiss or spit, she just runs away. She must be so scared, but they are receiving the best TLC from their fosterer and hopefully will come to trust eventually.

She is litter trained but does go on the worktops to steal food and gobbles it up like she isnt sure where the next food will come from. This might be because she was from a large group of cats and had to take her chances when she could and may settle down.

She will be neutured, fully vaccinated, flea’d, and wormed before she is rehomed.

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