Male tabby and white

Sox and her sister Dizzy were left for a week alone at home when their owner was admitted to hospital. surrendered to Cafo care when their owner was taken to hospital.

The Cafo team went to the hospital to get the keys, not sure what we would find at his home. We went through the house and there was nothing but full litter trays and empty dishes. The bedroom door was shut.

We found Dizzy but Sox was hiding in the house and we couldnt find her, so we locked all doors and left food, water and a clean tray in each room to see where she was. The next day, we went back and found her. 

Both girls were scared, undernourished and dehydrated. They are now in Cafo care with Feline Lodge and are eating well and getting lots of TLC.

They are 13 and have not been spayed. They have been indoor cats and don’t like each other which is why they were in different rooms.

They will be fully vaccinated, wormed, flea’d, chipped and neutured before rehoming but are available to reserve now.

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