CAFO stands for (Cheshire Animal Fundraising Organisation).
This non-profit organisation was set up in 2021 to help local animals in need by four caring ladies in South Cheshire, April, Sarah, Sue and Liz.


They work hard to raise funds to pay for the medical care of the rescued animals plus any spaying, neutering, chipping, jabs, and tests etc.
In addition to fundraising events in the area they also raise funds via their rescue selling group on Facebook. 
They also run the Lost Pets in Crewe and Nantwich page.
If you have a lost pet please contact the page or email cafo2021@aol.com with details and a picture of your pet.

CAFO would love to have more supporters to help us fundraise, so do have a look if you would like to give a cat a loving forever home, make a donation or can offer assistance in any way.

Have a look at our video below or have a listen to our new promo for 2023 that will playing playing out throughout this year on Sonnet Radio

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