CAFO stands for (Cheshire Animal Fundraising Organisation).
We are a non-profit organisation, first set up by April, Sarah, Sue and Liz so we can scan stary animals in our local area.
We scan and check microchips to reunite pets with their owner.

We are volunteers and do not charge to come out to scan for a chip, if the animal is injured we take them straight to the vets.
Any strays we find, we work hard to get them into our rescue.
If we are full we work with other rescues to find the animal a safe place.
Once the animal is in rescue we then pay the vet bills to get the animal back into full health.

Please understand we all work and we can’t always get to you straight away, we always try our best to sort out something somehow as possible.

We raise funds for our rescue from donations of items that are sold on our rescue selling page on Facebook.
You can find our social media by searching or clicking the links below.

CAFO Rescue Selling Page
Lost Pets In Crewe and Nantwich
Noel The Wonder Cat
(Our miracle Cat we first saved)

Noels Story

We went out to noel on boxing night 2020.
This poor boy had been run over and left for dead. We were alerted by somebody that they had seen him manage to crawl from the road and drag himself under a truck to hide.
We managed to coax him to us and we took him straight to a vet.
The next couple of days were crucial for poor Noel.

The outcome after the X-rays and scans was a broken jaw, pelvis & spine.

After hours of surgery he managed to pull through and has become the most loving & playful Cat.

Noel is now in his forever home with the most perfect loving family.

Please join Noel on his Facebook group and you will see how good he looks and keep up to date with his progress and activities.

We are in desperate need of foster homes for our Cats.
Have you got a spare room or maybe even have a catio built in your garden (provided by us) that would provide a safe space for a Cat thats needs a shelter or medical treatment?
Everything the Cat needs will be provided for and we will take the Cat to the vets etc.
All you need to do is provide the time, love and care to help them towards getting their new homes.

If you would like to donate any prizes for our next event or to sell on our fundraising group you can do this by contacting us.
We will even pick up the items from you.

If you are a crafter then maybe you would like to donate some home made items to help us raise funds.
Local businesses are welcome to kindly donate items too, it all makes a huge difference to our rescue and the lives of our beautiful Cats.