We Are Looking Urgently For Storage Space

Can You Help Us?

The CAFO Storage Appeal 2023

At CAFO we are very lucky and so grateful to all who donate items for us to sell or use as prizes for our fund raising events such as stalls & our Tombola.
We cannot thank our amazing donators enough for their generosity since we opened our doors in 2021.

Every single penny counts towards the treatment of our animals but we are over-run with items and we desperately need help with obtaining some storage space.

Our volunteers are amazing and we have our stock in all different places, kind people even have our stuff stored in their homes as best as they can but we really do need to get all our items into one safe place.

Do you have any links to storage facilities that may let us have a discounted rate for us to store our donations in a safe dry space?
Could you help with sponsorship of a lock up or garage for us to use?

Storage facilities are proving to be very difficult to afford during the current climate and the cost will sadly have to come out of our funds which we really need to pay our Veterinary costs which we really don’t want to happen.

Maybe you know someone out there that have a lock-up we can use or know of a suitable place for us?
The problem we have with storage is quite an important one at the moment for us and we would appreciate any help & ideas that you could give us on this matter.

Even taking the time to share this post to your social media would help us by helping to spread our appeal to all possible to see it.
We are so grateful for all who help us on our quest.

If you can help us with this urgent request you can get in touch with us by email on