Christmas is a time that most people look forward to, it is a time for families and really is a special season.

Of course it is also a time for thinking about charities and this year we would like you think of the animals that may not have homes or those undergoing medical treatment.

We have been very honoured by local lady Kelly Broomhall as she has donated a treasure trove of Christmas items that belonged to her late grandparents.

Kelly contacted CAFO and asked if we would like to have some beautiful Christmas decorations that we could sell on our Rescue Selling Page and at our upcoming Christmas Fayre on November 13th 2022.

These Christmas goodies belonged to Edith and Peter Crawford who lived in Crewe.

The lovely Edith could not resist filling her home with seasonal cheer for the past 10 years and filled the rooms of her home with an enormous collection of festive items – and it kept growing every year.

Edith spent hundreds of pounds spreading joy and established a huge collection and was even featured in the Crewe Chronicle back in December 2008.

Edith Told the local paper:

“I’ve got well over 100 decorations, most Father Christmases but reindeer as well and other bits and bobs. You can barely move, even though it’s pretty much all on one wall.
“If I see something different that I like then I get it.
I’ve picked up four new ones this year including two chimney pot Father Christmases and one with a cape which has got a village on it that lights up.”

Other items include a model village, a talking house, and a four-foot Father Christmas bought two years ago which is Edith’s favourite.

Edith Added:

“It was my mum really who started it all. She loved Christmas and decorating her house and I’ve carried it on.
My husband keeps telling me not to buy any more next year, but I always do.”

Kelly wanted to carry on with Edith’s passion for Christmas and wanted these items to go to a local cause.

We hope that Edith would have loved the idea of helping animals in need and it will continue to build Edith’s legacy throughout our local community.

We are holding a special event on our group selling page so you will be able to purchase a Christmas gift for a loved one and of course our furry friends will be the beneficiaries of Kelly’s kindness and The Crawfords Christmas spirit will live on.

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