Missing Cat Nutmeg Found In Crewe 138 Miles From Home

Pictures ©Jason Griffiths 2023
Story ©Rachel Griffiths 2023
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CAFO rescue and the staff from Morrisons in Crewe, had quite a surprise this week when a beautiful Cat turned up at the warehouse doors of the busy Crewe store.

Many times in the past Cats have turned up at supermarkets up and down the country and this wasn’t an unusual thing to happen.
Cats have turned up at morrisons before from around the area, so staff thought the Cat was just having a look around in hope to be given a meal then would be off on her way back home.

The Cat was given some food by the staff but made no signs of wanting to leave.
Every day the cheeky Cat would visit for some treats but ended up spending five days living in the area by the delivery bay until kind staff became very concerned and asked our rescue to scan the animal for a chip.

Manager Daisy got in touch with us on our Lost Pets in Crewe & Nantwich group that we run, she told us that usually these Cats do eventually move on and go on their way but this one seemed very friendly and just wanted cuddles from the staff.
Normally a stray Cat would not cling to people the way this Cat was, Daisy thought as she looked like an unusual breed, the Cat could be an escaped house pet that needed help to find their way back to the owners.

After five days at the store staff had fell for her in a big way and Nutmeg was enjoying the attention,being spoilt with meals, cuddles and treats.

We sent one of our volunteer scanners to the store at around 7pm on October 11th as soon as we recieved the phonecall from Daisy.

Rach went to have a look at the Cat and was welcomed to the store by Daisy, Natasha and Christian who by now become quite attached, they enjoyed looking after what they thought was  a local pet.
Straight away Rach thought that this Cat was a pedigree breed and the Cat needed to be returned home as soon as possible.
She scanned the Cat and the good news was that the Cat had a microchip, the chip number was sent over to Sue so we could locate the owners quickly and take this friendly Cat back home.

Little did Sue know that she would be ringing Rach back with some shocking news, the Cat was a beautiful girl named Nutmeg, she was flagged as missing from her home, she was last seen on the morning of September 27th in her garden.

The shock was that she was not a local pet at all, Nutmeg actually lives in BRISTOL, 138 miles away!

Whilst we were trying to get in touch with the owner a post was found in a lost Pets Facebook group……Lo and behold, there was the beautiful Nutmeg.

Nutmeg had a brother who was missing her like mad and was off his food and pining for her, they were from the same litter and had never been apart before.

How she made her way to Crewe is an absolute mystery, we have taken pets back home countless times, last year we had one from Kent, we didn’t think we would ever need to help one from so far away again.

Eventually Sue managed to speak to the owners over the phone, it was a very emotional call indeed.
At first they found it hard to believe but after we sent them some pictures of her the good news began to sink in.

By this time it was 9pm and very late so the lovely Natasha from Morrisons volunteered to take very good care of Nutmeg at her home overnight along with her husband Simon.

They showered her with loves, cuddles and kisses, she slept on their bed all night and was a very good girl.
She was provided with toys, meals and love, we are sure she enjoyed spending time with them after two weeks of being outside in the cold frightened.

The next morning the owners woke up so excited they were going to meet their girl again and made the long drive to Crewe to meet up with Natasha and Simon, when they brought Nutmeg to greet them, they were so overcome with emotions, it was one of the best reunions we have ever seen.
They had started to believe that sadly there was a big chance they would never see their beloved baby again but Nutmeg obviously had other plans.

Nutmeg was super pleased to find that Morrisons had a whole range of clothing and other products named after her.

She had certainly been lucky enough to choose a place to stay where she would recieve the help and care that she needed after making what was an incredible but dangerous journey from the county of Somerset.

Nutmeg was then brought to the store by her owners to say a very thankful goodbye to all those who had looked after her in her time of need.

CAFO want to express their heartfelt thanks to Daisy and the Morrisons staff for letting us know about Nutmegs plight.
Christian was a super star for going out of his way to help Nutmeg, a huge thanks to Natasha & Simon for being the perfect hosts and welcoming Nutmeg into their home.
Thank you to Nutmegs owners for the lovely flowers presented to Natasha and the thank you cards they gave to everyone.
We are very grateful for the donation they kindly gave to CAFO, this will help us to continue helping animals like Nutmeg.

Everyone involved with this case loves Nutmeg so much, there have been tears from Morrisons, CAFO and Nutmegs owners.
Sue and Rach were very shocked that night, they are proud to have been part of Nutmegs reunion story.

Nutmeg has touched the hearts of people from all over Somerset and Cheshire. She is now quite the local celebrity up here in the North West.

We all love you Nutmeg, you have been a very lucky girl to be returned home after such a perilous and uncertain two weeks.
We hope that your brother is now feeling better and you are once again curling up with him for cuddles.

Stay safe little one, have the best life ever love from the people of Bristol & Crewe.

Pictures ©Jason Griffiths 2023
Story ©Rachel Griffiths 2023
For all press enquiries please contact CAFO on cafo2021@aol.com