Domestic Long hair


This poor girl was living rough. She had been scavenging in bins for food for a couple of months.

She found a safe place in an out building and had 4 kittens. She nursed them in an old suitcase that was wet and somehow managed to provide for these kittens even though she only weighed 1.5 kg herself. She was skin and bone and her fur was matted.

Luckily the finder rang Cafo and our fantastic fosterers collected them straight away.

Aurora was terrified. Her kittens were only 3 days old and were lying on the cold concrete, at first we thought they were dead as they weren’t moving. The night before it was minus 0 degrees and that night didn’t look set to be any better. She was scared, tired and just needed help.

They’re all safe now. Our fantastic fosterers are looking after her and she is doing much better.

She’s a brilliant mum and once her kittens have been weaned and she’s put on weight, been spayed and learned to trust again, she’ll be able to have the loving home that she deserves.

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